The Royal Package starts with a minimum of 4 hours coverage beginning with the wedding set time. It includes two digital Broadcast Quality cameras, wireless microphones, opening with invitation set in floral arrangement and scrolled to music, program closing with freeze frames beneath and set to music.
  • Interviews of Bride and Groom, separately, prior to ceremony.
  • Includes 3 DVD copies in attractive cases.
  • We attend the rehearsal and arrive as early as 1.5 to 2 hours prior to ceremony for set-up and testinno (no additional charge.)
  • Professionally edited throughout with music, tasteful effects, and techniques to tell your story with all the pageantry of the day!

4 hours min ------------------$1275 Additional hours available at $100 per hour.

The Queen's Package same as Royal package but shot with only one camera.

4 hours min -----------------$ 975 Additional hours available at $100 per hour.

The Princess Package (a lightly edited version) Wedding & Reception

4 hour minimum includes two cameras for ceremony, one wireless microphone, edited without elaborate opening, closing, special transitions or effects ----------------------$1075

Or choose same as above with one camera ----------------$775

Additional hours available at $100.00 per hour.

The Unedited Package starts with a minimum of 4 hours coverage.

Beginning at wedding set time and includes single camera, no wireless microphones, unedited footage on DVD (or DV tape at extra charge) 4 hour min ------------------$600

Additional hours available at $100.00 per hour

Additional Adornments
*Options can be added to all packages, except The Unedited Package.

Bride at home -----------------------------$250
One hour. All the anticipation of getting ready for the ceremony. Captured and edited with music.

20 Photo Opening Montage ------------$150
Moving photos, set and syncopated to music, using special transitions and effects.

40 Photo Opening Montage ------------$250
Additional photos at $6.00 per photo.

40 Photo Honeymoon Montage ------- $250
*Deduct $50.00 when electing both Opening and Honeymoon Montages (40 Photo Montages only)

Rehearsal -----------------------------------$150
Up to 1 hour edited into wedding video.

Rehearsal Dinner -------------------------$250
One hour edited into wedding video.

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner --------$325
One hour for each, as above.

Interviews by tactful interviewer ------$150
Interviews of parents, grandparents, wedding party, friends, family and lastly the Bride & Groom.
(We always ask and brief each person before interviewing.)

Photo Session after ceremony ----------$150
A very nice musical transition between ceremony and reception. In the editing process, as the action takes place we grab the perfect shots using a white flash and camera click with black and white and/or color freeze frames. This is followed by page turns back to the action as if we were taking the pictures. Very nice!

Add a third camera for ceremony -----$300
You will not miss a moment of the ceremony. See your gown from the back, front and side. See your groom's reaction as you walk down the aisle; your reaction to him; parents as they watch you say your vows; your wedding party and friends as they look on, etc.

Add a second camera at reception -----$300
For those times when two things are happening at once. See the toasts from close up and you and your new husband's reactions from across the room. You can see the glow in your eyes and his, as you watch your first dance from a wide angle.

Music recap of the day -------------------$350
Your whole day in 5 to 10 second clips, using slow motion, special effects, edited and syncopated to the beat. Two tunes of your choiceare used. You'll laugh, you'll cry! It's a roller coaster ride of the day set to music.

Short form Video -------------------------$300
A shorter version of your wedding video edited tightly with all the best moments edited down to approximately 1 hour. You can now show your family and friends your day in less than a full evening. The long form video is also included when this is ordered.

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